To file a complaint, please complete the online form below or click here to get the printable PDF of the form.

    Per the ABEC Administrative Rule 255-X-8-.02 Initiation Of Proceedings. (1) The Board may initiate such action as it deems appropriate to investigate and determine the applicant’s, associate licensed counselors’ (ALC) and licensed professional counselors’ (LPC) compliance with the provisions of the Act or the Board’s regulations. (2) Unless the board initiates proceedings on its own motion, it shall take action only upon receipt of a complaint made in writing, stating in detail the activities that the party complained of is alleged to have engaged in, and presenting the evidence of when, where and how a violation occurred. The complaint, which must be signed, shall be filed with the Executive Officer of the Board. Aug. 2016 8-3 Chapter 255-X-8 Counseling (3) Any person submitting a complaint may be required to support it by personal appearance before the board.


    1) Complete, with signatures, ABEC Complaint Form

    2) Authorization for Release of Confidential Information for adult and/or minor, as appropriate. a) If your complaint is against a licensed counselor whom you have employed for counseling services, for you or your dependent, then a Release of Confidential Information for that relationship is required.

    3) A detailed explanation of your reason for filing this complaint. a) The explanation clarifies the nature of your complaint but may not necessarily be considered evidence to support the complaint. Provide a timeline of events with your explanation.

    4) Evidence to support the allegation a) Evidence supports the allegations you have made in this complaint. Copies of original evidence are acceptable for the investigation. Evidence containing dates is extremely helpful.

    5) Documentation, if applicable, of custody rights of child(ren) a) If you are divorced from the minor’s other parent, you must include evidence of court decision verifying your custodial rights, or rights to make medical decisions, for said dependent.

    Complainant Contact Information

    Counselor Information


    I authorize the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling (ABEC) to make such inquiry as necessary in validating information contained in this complaint form.

    I understand that the Board has final decision and authority with reference to this complaint. I understand that any false or misleading information in connection with this complaint may be cause for rejection of the complaint and/or possible legal action for such fraudulent information.

    I, the undersigned swear/affirm that I am over the age of 19 years, am the person who executed this complaint; that the statements contained herein are true in every respect; that I have not suppressed any information that might affect this investigation; and that I have read and understand this affidavit. I also affirm my awareness that a copy of this document and all attachments will be supplied to the counselor named in this complaint.

    I understand that if a hearing is held as a result of my complaint, I must appear before the ABEC at the hearing to testify concerning the complaint allegations. I understand that I may be cross-examined by an attorney and that hearings before the Board are held in Montgomery, Alabama and are open to the public.