Relevant Professional and Continuing Education Experience

Acceptable Continuing Education will conform to the Continuing Education Policy.

Re: 255-X-2-.18
Adopted: 01/21/2022


Current Continuing Policy until 08/01/2022

In its continuing improvement of the licensure system, the Board has adopted the following Continuing Education Policy that will go into effect on August 1, 2022.

This policy will not affect any LPC that is renewing by July 2022, nor any licensee until after July 31, 2022.

CE’s that were acquired prior to Aug. 1, 2022 will be honored under the pre-Aug. 1, 2022 policy.




During the COVID-19 illness we were allowed to get our CEU’s online.  When was this discontinued?  Some of use had some hours already and we need to know which if any of these hours will count.

The emergency waiver allowed licensees to accrue asynchronous CEs without limitation. The emergency waivers were rescinded at the November Board meeting. But any CEs acquired during that time will be honored under those rules.


Can I use the graduate hours from coursework from the ABEC Reduction of Supervised Experience Request as continuing education hours?

No, this is specifically forbidden by ABEC Administrative Rule 255-X-3-.01(3)(b)2:…Formal graduate course work used as a substitution for supervised experience to become a Licensed Professional Counselor cannot also be utilized as continuing education for licensure renewal.


I found a CE class that I’m interested in taking and want approval to use it for my renewal CE’s.

ABEC no longer approves individual continuing education courses and, instead, has adopted a broader Continuing Education Policy (available here:

All requirements of Continuing Education for ABEC are detailed in that document. If the course was not NBCC or CRC approved, or provided/sponsored by one of the organizations on the Continuing Education list, then ABEC will not accept it for renewal CE’s.


What information needs to be on the CE certificate?

All certificates of completion/verification of attendance must contain: licensee’s name, name of workshop/seminar/training, name of providing/sponsoring entity (with provider numbers), dates of the activity, and number of contact hours granted.

Specialized hours also mau need to be detailed, such as ethics or superivsion hours in a larger CE event.


Can I use a PESI class for CEs?

CE events sponsored by PESI can sometimes be an issue. ABEC honors PESI CE’s if that CE course is given under a provider that we recognize, such as NBCC or NAACAD. The problem is that PESI is not offering all of their training courses under all of their possible providers numbers. You will need to confirm that any training course that PESI offers, that you wish to use for CE’s, is sponsored by one of the entities on the ABEC acceptable CE list ( and that it is also on the CE certificate when you are finished.