The renewal period for the 2020-2022 license cycle has ended.

If you did not already renew online, or mail in your LPC Renewal application with a post-mark date prior to Aug. 1, 2022, then your LPC is now lapsed. This means that you cannot legally provide clinical services until your license is renewed.

To renew your LPC:

You will need to mail those documents and fees to:

Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling
2777 Zelda Rd.
Montgomery, AL 36106

so that our mail logging system can ensure receipt and tracking of the documents. Digital submission of the documents through any of the ABEC email addresses will not be sufficient.

Your license will remain lapsed until your CE documentation is reviewed and approved by ABEC. If your LPC renewal is approved you will be emailed your new license certificate. If questions or issues are found with your renewal documents ABEC will contact you.

If, in addition to your LPC, you also held the ABEC LPC-S credential, then your LPC-S is now expired and you cannot provide LPC-Supervision services for ALCs:

Per ABEC Administrative Rule 255-X-7-.03:
(4) Lapsed License. A lapsed LPC license will invalidate any attached LPC-S certification and will require the LPC to reapply for LPC-S certification.