Accommodations are requests to the ABEC Board to ease the specific requirements of the ABEC Codes and Rules based on medical, educational/learning, and/or disability concerns. Primarily, accommodation requests are directed towards the taking of the National Counselor Examination (NCE). Please review the NBCC policies and requirements, available here.

The Board must approve all requests for accommodations before we can provide an accommodations letter to NBCC of you.

We recommend that you use the NBCC Examination Accommodation Request Form (available here) in your request to ABEC. This can reduce the amount of paperwork you must acquire and can speed up your request review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What must I do to have examination accommodations approved by the Board?

First, you must send to the Board your request for examination accommodation. This request must include your name and license number.

The request must be specific in what it is requesting as an accommodation and why. This request must be accompanied by supporting documentation from a medical/mental health authority qualified to diagnose the condition(s), and stating their diagnosis of your concerns that necessitate the need of the accommodations. Supporting documentation must be signed by the medical/mental health authority within the preceding 24 months.

After we receive the request letter and accompanying medical/mental health authority documentation, the request is placed on the Board agenda as all accommodation requests must be approved by the Board.

At the next regular meeting of the Board the request will be reviewed and voted upon.

Following that Board meeting you will receive a update from the ABEC office regarding your accommodation request.

If the request is approved, the documentation will be uploaded to the NCE website within the week following the Board approval.