ABEC does not have Covid waivers for telemental health services, nor reciprocity with other states, nor a temporary licensure.

Alabama Code §34-8A-3(3) does allow up to 30 days of service. This does not grant any form of licensure, nor grants any legal protections through ABEC Code or Rules in the provision of clinical services. Past that 30 days the clinician must apply for licensure with ABEC to continue providing clinical services.

If you will be providing continuing mental health services to those in the State of Alabama we request and require that you apply for licensure under the Alabama Administrative Rules, specifically section 255-X-2-.01. You can also apply for licensure by endorsement based on your existing state license. Application forms can be found here: https://abec.alabama.gov/forms-and-applications/lpc-alc-applications/

LPC by Endorsement Applications

The ABEC LPC by Endorsement is an enlightened approach to licensure as it gives the Endorsement applicant the advantage of not having to meet current ABEC licensure requirements, but rather to meet the ABEC licensure requirements that existed at the time of their licensure with any other counseling licensing board (ABEC Administrative Rule 255-X-10-.02). This is double-edged as it also draws the line at the moment of licensure in that other state, where any additional and extraneous activities are not considered in the Endorsement application review because they were not a part of the original licensure qualifications. The Endorsement approach also has the requirements of verifying the applicants academic, supervisory, and experiential training.

Per the LPC by Endorsement application (pg. 7-9, Equivalency Categories) we have to verify that you completed the required overall and direct client hours for ABEC licensure.

From the LPC by Endorsement application:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide documentation that they completed, within their supervised experience for licensure, 3000 hours of supervised experience (to include a minimum of 2250 hours of direct service hours and 750 indirect service hours) under the supervision of a Supervising Counselor. These hours cannot be counted from practicum or internship used to satisfy the course content areas of this application, nor from work experience after licensure was obtained.

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